Things that ARE helpful to hear during IVF

Infertility and the journey to parenthood can be a rough old road with many low and dark times. Confiding in friends, family and your partner can be a source of strength when you need it the most but even well-intended comments or advice can actually get you down.

Anyone trying to conceive and start a family is hoping that one day they will get those two blue lines and be able to look lovingly at a growing bump. Until then that doesn’t mean that positively follows us everywhere we go. If only it was that simple! That’s why I wanted to share some quotes, thoughts and musings that have filled me with hope


“Use all of the nurturing and caring emotions you have for your future baby and use them for yourself whilst you prepare your body and mind for IVF”

-— Reworded my moi from an IVF mindfulness recording


“Thank your body for all the things that it does for you and how it has gotten you to here”

-— Noted at a Yoga session


“What isn’t today, might be tomorrow”

— Annonymous


“When you’re feeling your worst, that’s when you get to know yourself the best.”

— Leslie Grossman


“You don’t need cling to the good days or fight against the bad ones. Allow your mind to let your emotions come and go as they need to”

— A reiteration of a video on the Headspace App



One thought on “Things that ARE helpful to hear during IVF

  1. You’re incredibly brave to share these 🙂 Really looking forward to hearing more about your journey ❤ Keep the posts coming.


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