The secret to getting things done

We are all guilty of getting distracted at work, and even avoiding tasks we really loathe, but being productive feels great. A long to-do list, that end of month report Or those small tasks that you keep putting off are all building a barrier between you and success, so here are some super smart ways to help you get things done.

Turn off any distractions

Is your willpower waning? Let technology take control and add StayFocused to your web browser which allows you to block certain websites and limit time spent on them. Rather than starve yourself from the world of social media, StayFocused will help you curb that Instagram addiction and cut short your sidebar of shame struggle resulting in a more productive you.

Keep track of where you spend your time 

The work day can fly by when you are really engrossed in an activity or project which is great, but do you really know exactly what you are spending your time on? Time tracking apps like Toggl are a great (free) tool that gives you visibility over where you spend your time each day and will create simple reports over a week, month or even a year. If you can identify what areas you might be spending too much time, you can easily cut back and prioritise the things that need more.

A good old to-d0-list

Wether you are a Pen and paper gal or digital list maker, a to-do list is the best place to start when you need to get stuff done. The number one rule though, is to make sure you prioritise the items on the list so the most important ones are ticked off first. Don’t make the mistake of setting off on one task only to find that you now don’t have time to complete something urgent.

There are usually things you can postpone or reschedule, so step one should always be to work out what needs to be sorted ASAP.

Reward yourself

The image of the carrot and the stick should be conjured up in your mind because deep down we are all creatures motivated by rewards, whether it be money, a promotion or just praise and respect from colleagues. Work out what it is that really motivates you and create an obvious reminder. A sticky note stuck to your laptop with a word or phrase or even just a snack on your desk that you can’t have until you get your work done will push you to whiz through your tasks stat!



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