How to break the Sunday night blues

We all get the same sinking feeling on a Sunday night when we realise the weekend is almost over and Monday morning is fast approaching. Break free from the anxiety of the new week ahead with these tried and tested tricks that will have you jumping out of bed and greeting Monday with open arms!

  1. Prepare

Leaving things to the last minute is a skill most of us perfected as school kids, but it’s a habit to kick now. Always pack your work bag for the next day. Getting everything ready the night before means you can make the most of the extra ten minutes in bed, knowing your essentials like your portable phone charger and favourite nude lipstick are ready to go when you are.

2. Check your diary for the week ahead

It can be daunting to peek at your work calendar before you have even stepped foot inside the office, but knowing what meetings you have planned that week can actually put your mind to rest. Anxiety over a busy or stressful work week tends to build up when you avoid it, so facing it head on it can feel a lot less overwhelming and even empowering.

3. Monday morning playlist

We all have those get-up and go songs that no matter what mood we are in brighten our day. The daily commute can be hard work especially on a Monday, so why not combine all of your motivational and kick-ass songs into one playlist so that you can hit play the minute you leave the house. Who run the world, girls!

4. Plan your outfit

Monday may be the first day of the week but why should it be any less chic or stylish that the rest? Try picking your outfit the night before. We all feel more confident in our favourite work wear combo, and be ready to take on the week with even more flair this time around.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions, something you could definitely do without on a Monday.



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